What are website terms of use?

They are a relatively simple set of terms or rules for your website which you can link to in the footer next to your privacy policy. They are more simple than your full app or product customer T&Cs (which require much more detailed thinking and assessment).


Why terms of use on a website? 

When you create any website, it is important to have some form of ‘Terms of Use’ on it to make it clear to anyone visiting that there are rules to it – for example:

a)  that the property on the website absolutely belongs to you,

b)  that no other person is entitled to attempt to make changes to your site,

c)  to confirm that the content of the site cannot be relied on or held against you,

c)  and communicating who you are and what you do.

Even before you have developed your full product or technological offering, we find it is useful to have these terms present on your website as a marker of professionalism.

Then, when ready to launch your full offering, you can create a more bespoke and tailored set of app or product T&Cs which fully cover the agreement between you and your customers.


How do you get them? 

You can create your Website Terms of Use on Legal Sidekick in a matter of minutes and then upload them to your website. Click here to access the contracts you can create on Legal Sidekick.


This Basic Training article was written by Legal Sidekick. Legal Sidekick is the legal platform for startups. We offer automated contracts and loads of startup legal resources and guides. For queries on company shares or generally, contact us directly.


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