Why do co-founders need a co-founder agreement?

Co-founders need co-founder agreements to ensure smooth operations and harmony within their business.

How do co-founder agreements achieve this?

The co-founder agreement creates and fixes a set of rules for future decision-making so that there is a reduced chance of conflict or disagreement in future.

What exactly is a Co-Founder Agreement?

Co-Founder Agreements, AKA Co-Founder Shareholders Agreements or just Shareholders Agreements are written agreements between each co-founder holding shares in a business, which each of them sign up to, and which is legally binding on each of them and the company from the date they sign it.

Key Points for Co-Founder Agreements

Review key points for co-founder agreements here.

Where can I get one?

You can create your Co-Founder Shareholders Agreement here on Legal Sidekick. It is free with memberships.

You can create it first and then share it with your co-founder or you can answer the questions on Legal Sidekick together.

Get in touch to hey@legalsidekick.com if you have questions or need help.


This Basic Training article was written by Legal Sidekick. Legal Sidekick is the legal platform for startups. We offer automated contracts and loads of startup legal resources and guides. For co-founder and other legal queries, contact us if you need help.



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