It is a statutory requirement in the UK for UK companies to keep a register of their shareholders, including the details of all shareholders, when they became shareholders, and details of any of their dealings with their shares – e.g. details of transfers.

What does it look like?

It generally looks like a table with various columns covering shareholder names, number of shares held, the date when they became a shareholder, and details of any transfers of shares to or from them.

The best way to see is by downloading our template shareholder register here!

When do I need to use it?

You update the shareholder register whenever you or any of your shareholders do anything with shares in your company – e.g. issuing new shares, transferring shares.

Do I need to record share options in it?

No this is not needed as it relates only to options for shares which have not yet been properly issued.

If you have questions, get in touch any time.


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