You use a share issue form called an SH01 to formally issue shares in a company (e.g. after going through an investment process, and reaching the point where you need to give investors their shares).

You fill in the form and send it to Companies House at the address shown on page 4 (the final page), making sure you have filled in all the relevant details.

Here, we show you a completed share issue form (SH01) using the following example:

  1. The Founder of Your Company Limited has agreed to grant 5% equity to a new technical co-founder
  2. There are 1000 shares in issue
  3. Therefore, the Founder calculates that he needs to issue 53 new shares in the Company in order to issue 5% equity to the technical co-founder (because 53 is c.5% of 1053, but not of 1050). How does that work? See our guide here.

Copy the format we used here when creating your own SH01 form to issue new shares in your company.

For more information generally on how to issue shares, read our short guide on issuing shares.

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