Let’s be honest – you know it’s there. So rather than hiding away from it or putting it off for later and letting it stress you out, why not start as you mean to go on and deal with it head on? That’s right – we’re talking about the overpriced, over-complex, never-sure-exactly-what’s-needed, ‘legal part’ of your startup. 

Our goal at Legal Sidekick is ultimately to make the legal part as simple, understandable and accessible as possible for you so that you don’t end up ignoring it….or panicking and overpaying for it.

We offer free accounts, so as a minimum you can have a vision over your overall legal master plan, access guidance on the relevant parts of it for you via the Encyclawpedia, and reach out to one of our team for a free initial consultation. By starting your legal startup journey with your legal master plan, you get an immediate vision of the legal challenges which lie ahead, and clear guidance on how to implement and complete them. This can help you plan, budget, and understand better (and stress less).

Then, when you’re ready to start creating contracts and seeking advice, you can subscribe for a Startup Mode Account, which gives you access to a set of contracts you need to get started, and discounts on others, along with access to a set of useful resources and templates in our Encyclawpedia, all for a small monthly cost.

By taking these initial steps, we think that you are committing to yourself that you are serious about your startup and that you are determined to make it work. And we at Legal Sidekick would be really pleased to be able to help on part of that journey.


Legal Sidekick is the legal platform for startups. We offer automated contracts and loads of startup legal resources and guides. For legal queries for your startup, contact us directly.



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