1.  You submit your application to the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) via https://www.gov.uk/how-to-register-a-trade-mark;

2.  The UKIPO reviews your application and determines whether or not your mark is capable of being registered as a valid trademark (see “Confirm your Brand is a Registrable as a Trade Mark” for more information);

3.  A representative of the UKIPO will then send you a letter (as an email attachment) helping you ensure that the application has been done correctly (e.g. appropriate classes and descriptions) and recommend or request any changes if needed;

4.  Based on the UKIPO feedback, if any, you then need to login to your application on the UKIPO website and either provide a text response and/or make the necessary adjustments;

5.  Once the application itself is finalised, the UKIPO publishes your application and the 2 month opposition starts (extendible for maximum 1 month). During this period other trade mark owners can oppose your trade mark if it is identical or similar to their earlier trade marks for identical or similar goods and/or services;

5.  If earlier trade mark owners oppose, they need to pay £100 and go through a process and you will be notified. You can resolve the dispute with them/negotiate a settlement agreement or open the opposition procedure at the end of which the UKIPO will take a decision: rejection or registration of your trade mark;

7.  If no existing trademark owners oppose within 2 months, your trademark is successfully registered.


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