Why should quality legal support be reserved for big business?

No startup should fail or suffer due to a lack of quality legal support. As your Legal Sidekick, we help you face your legal challenges head on from the start, pro-actively and before it’s too late. We are here to make law simple, stress-free and inexpensive, so you can build and scale your startup faster, and dare we say it… a little bit fun.

Our Expertise

Legal Sidekick is based on years of supporting entrepreneurs and a deep understanding of startup legal needs and priorities. Our intuitive online platform enables you to implement everything legal for your startup in four easy steps:

and Track

Control your interactive legal to-do list

the Essentials

Get to grips with your business’ key legal concepts

your Contracts

Create your contracts and download templates

Expert Advice

Expert checks of your auto-documents and personal support on-demand!

Our Startup Commitment

To every entrepreneur, founder, startup or other business that signs up to our service, we make a promise that you are an important client of Legal Sidekick (rather than just a user of a piece of technology) and that everything we do, we will always do well, and with a level of quality and entrepreneurial empathy that we feel our clients deserve. That’s why we have created the HEAL model below to reflect our principles which apply to every client whose business we help develop.

Our Story

“We launched this year on the back receiving so many requests from early stage entrepreneurs for a more ‘bootstrapped’ yet still secure way to create their contracts and receive legal advice. We have developed Legal Sidekick based on our experiences of having already worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs with a wide range of legal needs to make high quality legal accessible to startups.

We’re a founder-led business, for founders, so we understand the anxiety, cost and pressure that comes with starting a business. It’s unavoidably really hard, and we exist to ease that burden on our clients and give them the freedom and peace of mind to push their businesses to the next level. We’re not the hero, we’re the sidekick – we’re by your side and ready to help you achieve your mission.”

Simon Davies, Legal Sidekick Co-Founder.

Highest Standards

Our legal team has benefitted from intense City legal training – think of it a bit like the legal military. We never forget that everything we do MUST meet high standards of quality at all times – whether it is the documents we automate, the resources we create, or the customer service we give.


We are also a startup and so we get that often legal work is often urgent, stressful and difficult to understand. We know where you’re coming from and want to support you through your journey. That’s why we made our platform easy to navigate, and ensure that (human) support is on tap when you need it.


It’s no secret, legal work can be way too expensive for startups. That’s why we want to ensure our platform is accessible and open to businesses of every level. We value our very early stage customers, just as much as the established ones.

Legal Independence

As well as saving you money, we are about improving your legal knowledge and your own personal development so that the more you do, the better you get. Our mantra is that the DIY approach is your first port of call, and if you need help after that then you can call on us for it.

Why Founders Choose Us

We are entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We understand the journey. We know the stress of investing your own money and the pain of confusion over parts of your business you aren’t 100% comfortable with. We get the passion you have for your business, and the will you have for it grow and succeed. We know the urgency with which you just want to get your jobs done.

When founders choose Legal Sidekick – they know that they are getting a platform created for them, designed for efficiency, and a team behind it who is ready to step up for them when needed. We don’t mess around, we don’t get bogged down in legalese – we just do it. We take pride in helping you build strong, stable businesses, and seeing them come to life.

Any questions – get in touch any time.

Reach us on hey@legalsidekick.com or call us directly on +447815738894.
We can’t wait to get started with you. Create your free account here.

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