About Us

Legal Sidekick is the virtual in-house legal companion to scaling startups.

With Legal Sidekick, startup founders can access the comprehensive legal services they need to achieve their long-term business goals. We offer easy automated contracts and focused legal guidance that are the right fit for startups. Legal Sidekick enables scaling startups to manage all of their legal matters in one place, so they can focus on accelerating startup growth.

We help +500 startup founders all around the UK. Just like you.

Finally, the legal help you need at an affordable price.

Our story

Legal Sidekick was started in 2020 by Simon Davies and Silvia Dal Cin who met on the London tube on a rainy Saturday night. After Silvia moved back to the rolling hills of northern Italy, she was drawn back to London at the prospect of a new legal venture, set to take the startup ecosystem by storm.

Simon and Silvia, both alumni of the incredible Centre for Entrepreneurs, NEF+ Programme, were determined to create a next-gen legal service that would finally service startup founders’ needs for fast, simple and of course, affordable legal help.

After meeting hundreds of startup founders who weren’t able to access the legal services they needed and felt legal as a roadblock to their startup development, Simon and Silvia knew it was time to take action.

Our Founders

Simon Davies trained as a solicitor at global law firm, Linklaters, and he is also the founder of the startup legal services business, Accelerate Law. He’s a startup law expert, and our product is designed following his years of experience advising startup founders and investors on how to maximise deal benefits and accelerate business growth. You can reach Simon directly at simon@legalsidekick.com.

Silvia Dal Cin trained as a lawyer in Italy, before turning to startups and entrepreneurship as an M&A Manager for an exited startup and through the Centre For Entrepreneurs NEF+ programme in 2020. Silvia is the driving force behind our own startup development, and regularly supports other startups to level-up their operations to boost efficiency. You can reach Silvia directly at silvia@legalsidekick.com.